One database to rule them all

OgmAPI est une base de données unifiant plusieurs jeux de données géographique.
The service includes 12 datasets representing almost 90 million items.
Data can be accessed via a web interface and an API.



One database to find them all

  • Explore freely the different datasets.
  • Dataset documentation
  • 12 datasets, 90 million rows.
Exploration map
Exploration map
Advanced query interface


One database to bind them all

  • Perform custom query to get your own elements.
  • Cross-reference datasets.
  • Custom SQL queries.
  • API access.
Advanced query interface


And in one place view them.

  • View all elements and descriptive labels in an intuitive interface.
  • Download selected elements as GeoJSON.

Available datasets

OgmAPI currently hosts 12 datasets representing almost 90 million rows for 70 Gb of data.

Missing a dataset?

Our service is still in its development stage and not all data from data.gouv.fr has yet been imported.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a particular dataset.
We’ll add it as soon as possible.



Perfect for light users and to test the features. No string attached.
0 € / month

  • Full access to all the app and API.
  • Direct SQL access to the database.
  • 30,000 zones per day.
  • 50 advanced and SQL queries per day.


Need something special?
Contact us

  • Increased usage quotas.
  • Copy the database on your own infrastructure.